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Top Quality Topsoil delivered throughout Scotland

We supply Topsoil across Scotland to Landscape Architects, Civil Engineers, Golf Courses, Local Authorities and Contractors who want a reliable source of top quality materials.  Located only minutes from the main arterial routes we can quickly reach all parts of Scotland and most frequently are in Fife, Perth, Dundee, Stirling and Edinburgh.

All of our Topsoils are from greenfield sites and tested to *BS 3882:2015 standards and this is vitally important when choosing your supplier.  Turffit Topsoils are the best and most reliable materials you can purchase and here’s why:

  • ‘Bunded’ (stored) to allow for soil-borne pests to disappear (up to 5 years)
  • Absolutely No recycled materials in the product (Which can include  glass, food waste other sharps ie wood & nails
  • All locally sourced around the fertile lands of Loch Leven and the foothills of the Lomond Hills,
  • All products are tested to *BS 3882:2015
  • Kept under cover so it is light, dry and easy to work with
  • Can blend to customer specification at minimum additional cost
  • Flexible collection times
  • Supplied either loose or in bulk bags
  • 24 hr delivery time


Why cheaper alternatives are not safe

Recycled Topsoils are often from old building sites, recycling centres or other unreliable sources.  Whilst the cheaper price might be initially attractive, the risk of finding glass, food waste, sharps such as nails and wood are increased.  But equally, as important for landscape architects and other contractors it offers unreliable growing conditions.  Add in the risk of being held liable for supplying contaminated and unsuitable materials and it makes sense to have a trusted supplier such as Turffit.

Choosing the right Turffit Topsoil

Turffit soilWe supply Screened Top Soil which is ideal for bedding and deeper areas and Rootzone for when you are turfing and seeding. Both these products are available in bulk bags.

Rootzone is a sandy/loam soil mix which should be used to finish an area for turfing or seeding.  A fine-textured sandy loam topsoil with organic content, loose consistency and granular structure. This soil has good surface drainage and low water holding capacity.

In fact, we don’t just say it’s the best to use prior to turfing, it’s what our team use and that’s why our laid turf has such a high success rate.

The coverage for one bulk bag is now 18m2 @ 25mm2 depth. The Rootzone soil should be used to a maximum depth of 2-3″.

Turffit Screened Bedding Soil (20mm) is a richer topsoil ideal for garden landscaping, borders and vegetable plots.  Our screened bedding soil is also used making up levels for deeper areas.  It’s a natural fertile topsoil.

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Why BS3882:2015 is so important

Plants, shrubs, indeed all vegetation, as well as turf, need the right conditions to grow and thrive.  Ideally, topsoil needs a mix of the right ingredients.  BS 3883: 2015 ensures that this mix of minerals, nutrients, water, organic matter, air and living organisms is correct.

Sometimes it is not possible to get this mix without adding ingredients.  This is why the standard was introduced so that anyone wanting to ensure best quality topsoil was able to check against the standard.  This ensures a safe product was put onto the ground.

BS 3882: 2015 ensures that each certified topsoil mix contains the correct pH level, to determine the correct acid/alkaline balance; the ideal physical composition to help avoid compaction; the right electrical conductivity value and the maximum level of stones permitted.

Turffit (and all other suppliers of approved topsoil) are subject to regular testing to BS 3882: 2015 standard.  Our customers can have total confidence that the product they specify is safe for the environment and free from contaminants. Indeed, we had a case recently where a newly laid area of topsoil was subsequently found to be contaminated with Asbestos.  Not laid by us of course, but Turffit were called in to make good the damage and supply the correct soil.  There are no risks now or in the future for the environment and inhabitants.

If a customer has a very specific end-use, such as a low nutrient topsoil, for a wildflower meadow speak to us and we will recommend and custom mix.  It is quite possible to offer bespoke topsoil mixing, in line with BS 3882: 2015.

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*for more on the British Standard for Topsoil – BS3882:2015

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