About Turffit

Turffit Ltd- a growing success!

Turffit Ltd, based near Kinross was established in 1997. We offer quality products for retail customers, landscapers, golf courses, local authorities and leisure parks.

The product range has increased beyond fresh Turf to include topsoil, grass seed, bark and fertilisers. All our turf is grown to the Turf Growers Association standards.  We also install Turf for all types of work from domestic gardens to commercial work.

Still family run, focusing on exceeding customer expectations by offering quality products designed for the British climate, complemented by flexible ordering and delivery options.

We can provide general amenity turf, ornamental turf, bark and topsoil to meet most requirements and are happy to discuss your specific needs. Our state of the art equipment enables our turf to be harvested as late as possible prior to delivery or collection. This ensures that our turf is as fresh as possible for installation.

If you want to know more about Turffit and can’t find the anwer on our website, call our expert team on 01592 869000 today.

Your Vision, Our Commitment

Your dream landscape is our passion. Partner with us, and watch your vision come to life. Picture a haven that embodies lushness, resilience, and adaptability, thriving amidst any terrain. Together, let’s breathe life into your vision, transforming your expanse into a picturesque reality that stands as a testament to our shared dedication to excellence and beauty.

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