Screened Bedding Soil/Topsoil (10mm)


Product Description

This general purpose topsoil is ideal for garden landscaping and making up levels for deeper areas. Useful in all areas of your garden.It’s a natural fertile topsoil containing some stones important for drainage and aeration Please note this product is not suitable for seeding a lawn. (Our Rootzone soil being the preferred option for seeding under a lawn.)

It’s a locally sourced loam which is screened to 10mm. Using the latest technology to grade soil, it’s passed through screens to remove large stones. Living, healthy soil helps keep your plants strong.

Screened BeddingTopsoil is…

  • Fertile,natural soil which is nutrient rich
  • Contains no recycled materials
  • Screened 10mm
  • Ideal for general purpose
  • Delivered in 1 Tonne bags

All our soils have been tested for BS 3882:2007 (Specification for Topsoil and Requirements for Use).

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