Knowledge base

Turf laying and Lawn care and maintenance

Here at Turffit we are always keen to spread best practice in turf and lawn care. With this in mind we have collated information to assist gardeners. These cover

Laying turf

When you lay turf it’s the opportunity for an almost instant lawn of perfection.  However, how the turf is laid is key to the long term good looks and ease of maintenance in the future.  All the turf supplied by Turffit is grown to the Turfgrass Growers Association (TGA) quality assurance policy.  This means that the product you receive is in tip-top condition.  To keep it that way use our extensive knowledge base

Maintaining your lawn

If you have ever wondered exactly what you should be doing each month to maintain your lush green lawn then follow our month by month guide.  It’s been created with the British climate and weather in mind and is the result of over 25 years of growing premium turf.  Follow this and you can’t go far wrong.

Dealing with diseases and pests.

Turf is a living organism and as such supports other living organisms.  It’s inevitable.  Whilst our turf is grown to the most rigorous of quality standards it is sometimes unavoidable that pests and diseases happen.  Our guides to dealing with both common pests and diseases will help you manage any problem effectively now and in years to come.

We’ve also added a general information section. This provides details of the steps required to ensure newly purchased turf successfully roots once installed.  It is a handy downloadable information sheet

There is also a further section on maintaining turf through drought conditions.  Our top ten tips will help you in the (sometimes unlikely with the usual British weather) event of drought conditions.  We will also guide you on the right type of turf to purchase.

If you handy guides and advice have not answered all your questions, then do call our team here and we’ll do our best to assist – 01592 869000

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