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Turffit Ltd trading terms and conditions.


Turf, topsoil and lawn products sold through turffit.co.uk are sold by Turffit Ltd according to the following terms and conditions, which you accept as a legally binding agreement by way of placing an order. Please read these terms and conditions fully before making a purchase on turffit.co.uk, as they affect your rights and liabilities.

1) Definitions

In these terms and conditions, the following definitions apply:

References to “The company” apply to Turffit Ltd (Company number SC282220). Our registered address is Levenmouth Steadings, Scotlandwell, Kinross-shire KY13 9JH. It is to be used for all correspondence.

A customer buying turf and products through turffit.co.uk or Turffit Ltd is referred to as “the customer”.

“Delivery” means delivery by the company or any subcontractor that is employed by Turffit Ltd, either directly or indirectly.

Any placement of an order by the customer via turfitt.co.uk signifies the customer’s acceptance of these terms and conditions in full.

These terms and conditions can be varied only in writing by a Director of the company,

2) Ordering and payment

Turf and Topsoil prices quoted are inclusive of VAT and delivery charges if applicable will be calculated when the address is provided by the customer. Commercial Orders over 200m should contact the office

If the delivery address is false or changes once the order has been placed there will be a charge of £50 per pallet.

We cannot accept responsibility for any deterioration in the quality of perishable goods due to this rescheduled delay unless changes are made 48 hours before the initial date of delivery.

Payment must be made in full at the time the order is placed, either by credit or debit card.

Delivery is available Monday – Friday and orders must be received by Turffit Ltd by 10am on the day that precedes the working day on which the customer requires delivery; excluding certain other days as may be notified to the customer by the company when receiving the request for delivery.

If an amendment to the order is required it must be received by 5pm at least two working days before the date agreed for delivery. Amendments must be made by email to info@turffit.co.uk and will never be accepted by phone call. Alternatively, you can send the amendment in writing, by recorded delivery, to Turffit Ltd, Levenmouth Steadings, Scotlandwell, Kinross-shire KY13 9JH. Any increase in price will be charged in addition to an administration charge of £15.

Delivery is dependent upon safe access being available at the specified address. This is to be determined solely by the delivery driver on arrival. If the assessment is that adequate safe access is not available then Turffit Ltd reserves the right to cancel the order without notice.

The company gives no warranty as to the characteristics and suitability of its products for particular applications and all advice and information given by the company is expressly for guidance only regarding its quality or fitness for purpose, and accordingly, no warranty is given, whether express or implied.

The company’s cancellation policy is detailed below.

3) Turf

Turf supplied by the company is sown and maintained to produce a healthy sward. Measures to control weeds, diseases and pests are taken during cultivation but the turf cannot be guaranteed to be free of Poa annua (annual meadowgrass) as this species can come into turf through seeds borne on air at any time, or which pre-exist in the soil at the customer’s location. Turf is a natural and growing product and is therefore subject to some variation, so absolute consistency within and between orders is not guaranteed.

Customers should prepare the site according to guidance and advice given on our website if new turf is to form a successful new grass area. Failure to follow this advice in full, and/or instructions for laying and maintaining turf, will invalidate any complaint by the customer (see section 6 below).

The company has no liability for the turf supplied beyond the time of delivery, or for any loss or damages connected with its use thereafter.

The company may vary the seed mixtures used to grow its turf where such variation does not materially affect the suitability of the turf for its indicated uses. Any such variation cannot constitute grounds for any claim by the customer.

As turf is a natural product the precise size, weight and measure of turf rolls sold by Turffit Ltd may vary.

4) Topsoil and lawn products

We seek to always supply products of the highest quality, and topsoil and lawn products are always sourced from reputable national suppliers.

Topsoil, being a natural product, is subject to variation in particle shape, size and colour.

Many lawn products we supply will be subject to their manufacturers’ own guarantees. Turffit Ltd. will warrant the quality and specification for products that do not come with such a guarantee.

The company will have no liability for topsoil or lawn products beyond the time of delivery, or for any loss or damages connected with their use thereafter.

5) Delivery

On the date selected for delivery of turf and/or other products supplied by Turffit Ltd, the customer must be present at the delivery address between the hours of 8am to 6pm to sign the proof of delivery form. An adult representative (aged 18 or more) can be agreed in advance, and that adult’s signature will then be legally binding for the customer.

Turffit Ltd will not leave the products ordered if delivery is attempted and neither the customer nor the pre-agreed adult representative is available. In every such instance, an additional charge of £50 per pallet will be made for the rescheduled delivery and the company will not accept responsibility for any deterioration in the quality of perishable goods caused by this delay.

If it is pre-agreed in advance that delivery is to be made with no adult representative available we do not accept any responsibility in relation to the condition or quantity of delivered goods found by the customer when they subsequently do arrive at the delivery address.

All non-palletised products from Turffit Ltd will be delivered to the customer’s door either by courier or post. Any palletised product will be delivered to the nearest available kerbside to the address specified by the customer. The customer is then responsible for moving products, including turf, from the kerbside to the position required for use.

The company will endeavour to deliver turf and products on the date specified by the customer at all times. Where circumstances beyond the company’s reasonable control delay delivery the company will not be liable for any damages or deterioration in product quality arising; nor will any such delay be accepted by the company as grounds for the customer to cancel the order.

At the delivery address, the company needs to have good safe access for large delivery vehicles fitted with a tail lift and a manually operated pallet truck. The pallet truck can only operate on smooth (non-gravelled), solid, level surfaces: therefore we can only provide a “kerbside” delivery if access allows, as determined by the sole discretion of the delivery driver.

If the driver is instructed to access private property, and they consent, then the company does not accept responsibility for any damage caused as a result of the attempt to access the property.

It is the responsibility of the customer to alert the company to potential access difficulties at the point of order so that the company can assess whether an order can be accepted. The company will not accept liability for damages or injury caused to property or persons during delivery.

Please note we are unable to physically carry goods e.g. up paths or to rear gardens.

If an order has been placed by the customer and then normal delivery is found to be impossible for reasons which were not specified at the time of order, then Turffit Ltd will try to make the delivery in another way or at another time, at an additional charge of £50 or £70 per pallet.

If, in our opinion, the delivery is not possible, then the delivery will be abandoned and the company reserves the right to cancel the order. This will be confirmed by the company by email. No refund will be made in such circumstances.

6) Any problems

The company’s aim is always to provide 100% customer satisfaction but the customer must inspect the goods before accepting and signing for delivery. Any defects, discrepancies, damage or any other issues must be documented by the customer on the “proof of delivery” form and failure to do so will immediately invalidate any potential claim. The customer should then contact the company by email to info@turffit.co.uk within 24 hours of delivery.

If goods are damaged or defective in any way at the point of delivery, then Turffit Ltd will refund the customer or provide replacement products. Goods may need to be returned or other evidence provided, as accepted by the company, in order for a refund or replacement to be authorised. Please refer to the company’s Returns and Cancellation Policy below.

In the event of goods supplied being damaged or defective, or in the event of other complaints, the company’s liability will not extend to consequential damage.

As stated under ‘Turf’, the company will not be responsible for any defects in turf supplied that arise from inadequate site preparation, laying or maintenance of the turf by the customer.

The company will not be responsible for any failure of a product to meet its specification or to perform as it should when manufacturers’ instructions have not been followed in full.

These terms and conditions will always be governed by Scots law, and any disputes will be resolved by the Scottish courts.

Returns and Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of orders

Cancellations must be made by email to info@turffit.co.uk and will never be accepted by phone call. You can also send the cancellation in writing, by recorded delivery, to Turffit Ltd, Levenmouth Steadings, Scotlandwell, Kinross-shire KY13 9JH. By either means, the cancellation must be received by Turffit Ltd before 5pm two working days before the day agreed for delivery. Note that proof of postage is not proof of receipt.

For cancelled orders, the turf and products will not be despatched to the customer and Turffit Ltd will refund the customer for the order price paid less an administration charge of £15.

If a customer still wishes to cancel an order within two working days’ of the agreed delivery then the company will make its best endeavours to prevent delivery of turf or other products to the customer but Turffit Ltd cannot guarantee this will be possible. Any refund will then be offered solely at the discretion of the company and will be less any costs incurred by Turffit Ltd in trying to satisfy the customer’s order prior to cancellation.

On receipt, if a customer is not happy with the topsoil or other lawn products supplied (excluding turf) then the customer has the right to return the goods to an address agreed with the company within 30 days of placing the original order. In such an instance, the company should be notified immediately. The products should be returned in the condition and packaging in which they were originally supplied and at the cost of the customer. On receipt of the goods in satisfactory condition, Turffit Ltd will refund the customer. Customers should note that the product(s) remain their responsibility until they are received back by the company at the agreed address.

Turf received by the customer as ordered and in good condition cannot be returned to the company for a refund. This is because the short “shelf life” of turf would make the product unsuitable for resale by the company.


Return of defective or damaged products

  1. If a customer receives turf, topsoil or lawn products that are not as ordered, or that are defective or damaged in any way, then the customer should contact Turffit Ltd to arrange return of the goods, if appropriate, within 24 hours of receipt of turf or within 7 days for any other product. The details for the return should be documented on the “proof of delivery” form. Failure to do this will invalidate any potential claim. Turffit Ltd can be contacted for this purpose at info@turffit.co.uk

Topsoil and lawn products

Topsoil or lawn products should be returned within 28 days of delivery to an address agreed with the company in the original packaging and in the condition in which they were received by the customer.


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