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Top Quality Turf delivered throughout Scotland

Turffit is Scotland’s leading cultivated turf grass producer growing over 400 acres on some of the best agricultural land in the area.

We are conveniently situated less than 5 miles off the M90 on the banks of the very scenic Loch Leven.  Easy and quick to reach from all parts of Central Scotland.

We don’t just grow green, we aim to be green too.  We aim to keep our Carbon Footprint as low as possible with groupage transport when practical and possible.  But we still work to a Next Working Day delivery nationwide if orders are received before 12 noon.

Turffit is frequently the specified grower for local authorities, sporting institutions and many of Scotland’s premier building contractors.  Building Contractors know the benefit of associating with the ‘Turffit’ brand and our professional platform extends to dedicating over 20 years building relationships with many of Scotland’s finest Golf Courses.

Whether we are taking an enquiry from a small domestic customer, a prestigious contractor or the professional sporting client, each one will be treated with the optimum level of care, ensuring that the correct choices are made.

The varieties, which we have been continuously developing for many years, have been grown to suit the UK climate. All our products are grown to the rigorous Turf Growers Association standards.

The TGA was founded in 1995 and is made up of over 50 companies. TGA members account for the production of at least 70% of all cultivated Turf in Britain.  Being part of this professional body is important as we share knowledge and constantly strive towards ensuring that all the ‘green stuff’ laid in Britain is pest free, sustainably grown and quite literally being as green as possible for the future of our industry and the environment at large.

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Turf Choices

Ornamental Turf

Turffit Ornamental Turf has a good dense uniform sward* which can tolerate a close mow. The main characteristics of the ornamental turf is it has a better recovery rate from drought conditions and tends to be more tolerant within areas with little sunlight.  It’s a lower maintenance turf as it requires less mowing and less fertilizer to maintain its lush good looks.  Our Ornamental range is the choice of discerning homeowners looking to create an amazing lawn.  Golf Courses use the Ornamental grade on their greens and Landscapers choose it as they know and trust it to create the perfect results.  If you want your grass to look the best, this is the turf of you.


Standard Turf

If you are looking for a uniform and hard-wearing sward which will compliment any space where grass is the preferred surface, our Standard Turf will fit the bill.  Homeowners choose this turf when they have a larger area to cover quickly and still look good.  It makes for an excellent family lawn and comes with a uniform texture and colour. We recommend that you do use fertiliser with this turf.  Perfect for grass that will be used all the year-round, daily.


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Turf for Commercial Customers

General Purpose Turf

When a large area such as parklands, local open spaces and commercial areas such as retail parks need turfing, our General Purpose Turf is the answer.  It is a dense sward with variable uniformity.  It’s grown to be hard-wearing and withstand high volume footfall.  This is a favourite with local authorities and contractors for new developments.

Sports Turf

Fescue Mix

This is our premium product as chosen by Golf Courses Greens and Bowling Clubs.  When the specification is ‘free from Rye grass seed’ you can trust Turffit Fescue Mix to deliver outstanding results.

Rye Fescue Mix

Our Rye Fescue Mix is used on Golf Courses across the country for tees, collars and fairways.  Sports Grounds also choose this turf when they need a hard wearing, dense sward

Rye Grass

This is our hardest wearing turf – the ultimate in ongoing durability.  It’s still a dense sward and that’s why Football and Rugby Clubs use this for their pitches.

Lay & Play Slabs

Needing a quick fix for your sports grounds?  Our Lay and Play Slabs offer just that and are harvested to a target depth of 40mm to ensure quickest and best results possible.

Occasionally our turf is supplied with degradable netting incorporated into the root structure.  This simply makes the turf rolls more manageable for handling and during harvesting.


To order any of our range of turfs call 01592 869000 or 01592 841117.  Domestic customers can order online here.  All Commercial orders are taken by phone.

We’re here to advise and help and with 20+ years experience and one of Scotland’s most trusted suppliers, we have all the turfing answers,


We can deliver to all parts of Scotland including Fife, Perth, Dundee, Stirling and Edinburgh.  Turf is also available to collect.  Being close to all the main routes both north and south is important Why not read our tips on how to lay our turf for long lasting results.

Turf might contain Oxygrid™ degradable net. Read more here


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