Turffit’s simple top 6 tips for maintaining your lawn over winter

  Small amounts of care and maintenance to your lawn in the winter months will ensure your garden is in tip top condition come spring – in time for those garden parties! Here are our top tips to ensure your … Continue reading

Top 6 reasons to choose local turf as a landscape gardener

As a landscaper, there are significant benefits to sourcing turf locally.  In case you need convincing of them, here are our top six advantages to sourcing your turf locally. Fresher and healthier turf Local sourcing means that the turf will … Continue reading

Hot Tips for Cold Weather turf laying

“All the best lawns get laid in winter” – one of our favourite headlines. But can it be true?  In fact, winter can be a really good time to lay a new lawn.  The workload can be spread over 2 … Continue reading

Everything you need to know about Bark & Mulching

Why and how you should be adding mulch to your garden The importance of soil and the issue of soil erosion is something that is hitting the headlines more and more.  As frequencies of rainfall shift, localised floods develop new … Continue reading

Toadstools on your new lawn.

Have you got Toadstools in your recently laid lawn? Autumn is the perfect time for toadstools and mushrooms to appear in newly seeded or laid turf.  The warm weather, humidity and ‘disturbed’ ground make the perfect growing ground.  But there … Continue reading

Why Bark is important for great gardens.

Mulch – a small investment that will pay your garden a rich dividend Autumn heralds not only shorter days but also the return of lower temperatures. There’s also the imminent potential of overnight frosts. But a simple step at this … Continue reading

5 reasons we think greenfield topsoil beats recycled topsoil

You might read our catchy 5 reasons we think greenfield topsoil beats recycled topsoil headline and think, ‘well they would say that’; but read on and find out the fertile foundation that underlies our opinion. In these days of environmental … Continue reading

Top Turf for Top Dogs

The agility dogs at Finavon Canine Activities are all jumping for joy now on the smooth firm surface of lush green turf.  But that might not have been the case if Katrina Hands, the owner, hadn’t called in Turffit. Katrina … Continue reading

Is the grass always greener on the other (artificial) side?

Artificial or Real Turf – we examine the pros and cons Have you enjoyed the opportunity to see and hear more of the wildlife in your garden lately – in truth, it’s been almost the only upside to lockdown! But … Continue reading

Ordering and Installation Advice for Turf

Ordering and planning your turf to ensure the best results Important – Turf is a living organism.  We harvest no more than 24 hours before we deliver to you to ensure the turf is in the best possible condition for … Continue reading

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