The spring garden countdown is ON

Attention all landscapers and gardeners: There are 7 weeks until the official start of spring and you know what that means? Yep, that’s it: time to don the gardening gloves and get busy landscaping in the garden. As people start turning their attention to their outdoor space, hopefully, your phone will soon be ringing off the hook.

Their gardens might be in a bit of a neglected state from the winter months by the time they call you. They’ll be looking to you to get it turned around ASAP. Early spring is the perfect time of course for you to prepare your customer’s garden for the upcoming growing season.

What needs landscaping?


One of the first chores on your spring landscaping list will be to remove any dead leaves, debris or weeds that have accumulated over the winter.

Removing the leaves allows sunlight to your lawn while leaving them to decompose into your beds provides nutrients to the soil. It’s a little bit of a conundrum – the benefits of raking of dead leaves against letting them decompose naturally.

Next, you’ll likely be considering some high-quality bedding soil for any raised beds or areas where you want to be able to control the growth of plants.

Our screened bedding soil is a general-purpose topsoil ideal for garden landscaping and making up levels for deeper areas. It’s a natural fertile topsoil (screened to 20mm) therefore containing some stones which as you will know, are important for drainage and aeration.

Talking of bedding soil the rise in demand for ‘grow your own’ plots in clients’ gardens means some of your customers might be looking for you to plant some cool-season crops such as lettuce and peas.  These plants thrive in the cooler weather and will help to kick-start their gardens for the season ahead. A veg patch is a great addition to any garden, whatever its size.

rake clearing leaves

Raking the leaves is the first job

How’s the turf?

After a long winter of dormancy, grass needs you to feed it nutrients to promote healthy growth and prevent weeds from taking over. It’s important to choose the right type of fertiliser for your client’s specific needs.

These nutrient dense fertilisers include nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These are necessary for healthy plant growth and the development of a strong root structure. This will encourage a hard wearing grass surface, not forgetting an aesthetically pleasing lush green sward of grass.

They of course also help to improve soil quality which in turn can help to increase soil fertility and improve the soil’s ability to retain moisture.

Areas of lawn which have been reduced to bare soil may suggest a drainage problem. It would be prudent to address this prior to any remedial repair work.

Be careful not to seed prior to the temperature hitting the ‘magic 10 degrees’ as if you sow seed when the temperature is still in single figures you will simply be feeding the birds!

You have no such restrictions if carrying out lawn repairs with turf as you are not seasonally restricted when laying turf.

Either way with spring around the corner now is the time to be planning any remedial groundwork repairs. We have been busy all year ensuring that our turf nursery has an abundance of lush green grass.

In fact, we have turf for every budget from a general-purpose utility lawn to an elite ornamental lawn for the more decerning gardener.

Turfing tips

You might have laid a thousand acres of turf before or you might not yet have laid a metre – for those that haven’t be sure to look at our guide to laying turf effectively. For those that have look anyway, you never know, you might pick up a tip or two to make your life easier!

Completed new lawn installation by Turffit

Completed new lawn installation by Turffit

We are always at the end of the phone if you need any advice on any of the products that you might need to support your business and your customers to get the very best for the garden space.

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