Turffit’s simple top 6 tips for maintaining your lawn over winter


Small amounts of care and maintenance to your lawn in the winter months will ensure your garden is in tip top condition come spring – in time for those garden parties!

Here are our top tips to ensure your lawn is primed for perfection for the spring.

  1. Clear debris

Remove leaves, branches, and other debris from the lawn regularly. This prevents the build-up of thatch and allows air and sunlight to reach the grass.

  1. Go over the lawn with a fork

Piercing air into the soil helps improve water and nutrient penetration, promoting healthier grass. Use a garden fork or aerator to create holes in the soil.

  1. Treat moss and weeds

Aim to do this in the autumn or early winter to prevent them from taking over in the spring. Use appropriate herbicides such as Roundup or similar that contains Glyphosate. You can find these online or from your local garden centre.

  1. Overseed bare patches

If there are any bare or thin patches on your lawn overseed them in late summer/early autumn or early spring. Remember seed requires a steady temperature of 10 degrees or more. This helps your lawn to compete more aggressively against any weed invasion.  Thereby promoting a lush green lawn. We would recommend purchasing Turffit’s carefully selected grass seed and are pleased to offer 10 percent discount when you contact us to place your order.

     5. Fertilise appropriately

Apply a winter fertiliser which has increased levels of phosphate and potassium which will perk your grass up after a busy summer and protect the grass during harsh winter weather conditions. For new customers grab yourself 50% off fertiliser when you call us on 01592 869 000 to place your order. Offer limited until 31.01.24

  1. Stay off the grass!

Try to keep foot traffic to a minimum, especially during frost or wet conditions. Compacted soil can lead to drainage problems and damage the grass.

By incorporating some of these tips you can help ensure that your lawn is in the best possible condition for spring and summer. Regular maintenance throughout the winter prevents more costly lawn repairs and will pay off when your lawn becomes the perfect backdrop for outdoor gatherings.








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