Autumn and Winter Lawn Fertiliser 12 Kg


Product Description

TURFFIT Autumn and Winter Lawn Fertiliser will help strengthen your lawn and improve its colour

Our product is a premium mini granule fertiliser for a fine and healthy lawn.  It is specially formulated for use in Autumn and Winter

Turffit premium lawn feed has been specially formulated by us to give adequate nutrition to your lawn. This will maintain its strength and appearance throughout the growing season. We have formulated this product as a balanced complex mini granule. You will find that we have made the product easy to apply, which makes plant scorch unlikely.

Monthly applications of the product will help to reduce plant stress. The iron content ensures a rich green colour while magnesium along with potassium ensures good cell structure within the plant. This allows maximum chlorophyll production.

You can apply this product through most proprietary lawn fertiliser spreaders. Please read the manufacturer’s instructions for appropriate settings. You should apply this product at a rate of  50g/m².

A healthy and well-fed lawn will be much more resistant to weeds and better able to cope with the changing Scottish climate.  Our Autumn and Winter Lawn Fertiliser will help you achieve that.  Read our month by month guide to a perfect lawn

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Protect and Boost Your Grass with Turffit’s Winter Lawn Fertiliser

Winter can be harsh on your lawn, but with Turffit’s winter lawn fertiliser, you can ensure it remains healthy and vibrant throughout the colder months. Our specially formulated fertiliser is designed to strengthen your grass, giving it the resilience it needs to withstand low temperatures and frost.

Key benefits of treating your lawn with our winter lawn fertiliser:

  • Enhanced Root Growth: Even as the grass turf growth on the surface slows down, the roots continue to develop. Our winter fertiliser promotes deeper root growth, resulting in a stronger, more resilient lawn that can access water and nutrients more effectively.
  • Improved Nutrient Uptake: The unique composition of Turffit’s Winter Lawn Fertiliser ensures that your grass gets all the essential nutrients it requires during the winter months, enhancing the overall uptake and leading to a healthier lawn come spring.
  • Disease Resistance: A well-fertilised lawn in winter can better withstand the pressures of cold weather diseases such as snow mould and fusarium patch. Our formula helps fortify your turf against these common winter ailments.
  • Reduced Weed Competition: By maintaining a healthy lawn through winter, you create less space for weeds to establish. A thick, nutrient-rich turf naturally suppresses weed growth, giving you a head start on weed management in the warmer months.
  • Sustained Colour and Vigour: Our winter lawn fertiliser helps maintain the colour and vitality of your grass, ensuring that it doesn’t turn brown or patchy when faced with winter’s challenges.
  • Spring Readiness: A lawn that’s been nourished over the winter is primed for robust growth once the warmer weather returns. You’ll notice quicker green-up, denser grass, and an overall more vigorous lawn as it emerges from its winter dormancy.

Our winter lawn fertiliser is not just about maintaining appearances; it’s about deep, systemic nourishment that sets your lawn up for year-round success. Invest in your lawn’s health today and enjoy the lush, green rewards tomorrow.

For a garden that stands out in every season, rely on Turffit – where quality comes naturally, and great lawns thrive.

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