Top Turf for Top Dogs

The agility dogs at Finavon Canine Activities are all jumping for joy now on the smooth firm surface of lush green turf.  But that might not have been the case if Katrina Hands, the owner, hadn’t called in Turffit.

Katrina runs a highly successful dog agility centre at Finavon training her own dogs.  The facilities can be booked externally as well.  Her dogs and those of her son, Blair, win accolades and trophies across the country.  Indeed they have represented Scotland, been on the GB squad and appeared in the arena at Crufts.  They work to the highest standards so it is not unreasonable to expect that the training grounds be of the same high standard.

Katrina wanted to lay new turf to create a spacious training arena.  However on contacting local landscapers, she was met with the same response when she asked about getting rid of the stony surface.  “Don’t bother about it” they said.  “The turf will hide the stones”.  Katrina was not convinced and wanted absolutely no risks at all for the dogs.  Running and jumping at speed, turning on a sixpence, all the movements that a world beating agility dog has to master could have been ruined with one stumble on a loose stone – even a small one.

When choice of Turf matters

Turffit had all the answers: a choice of turf to provide the optimum surface, the expert team to lay it and, most importantly for Katrina, a stone burying machine.  After chatting with the team, we settled on a Rye Grass turf.   Rye is the hardest wearing of our turf options and ideal for ongoing durability.  It is still dense and is used by Football and Rugby clubs for their pitches.  Perfect for paws.

And we were thrilled that Katrina took time during the install to film our progress. We’d like to share that with you.  If you also want to see the full video you can click here.

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