Ornamental Lawn Seed – For a Lush Lawn

From: £30.00

Product Description

Turffit Ornamental Grass Seed – for a lush lawn is ideal for a fine-leaved lawn.
This tub size will cover up to 60m2.

Our Ornamental (Fescue) Grass Seed produces a fine-leaved and dense lawn that offers good tolerance to shade, temperature extremes and drought compared to other varieties. It has finer blades with deeper, more vigorous root systems, creating a fine luxurious, high-quality, ornamental type of lawn.

These grasses thrive in various conditions, ensure rapid germination and robust growth, resulting in a luxuriant carpet of grass.

Additionally, these lawn turf seed flourishes on quality, free-draining topsoil and will maintain its strong green colour in the heat of summer so long as it is watered frequently.

With our premium Ornamental Lawn Seed, you can transform your outdoor space into a picturesque oasis that exudes elegance and beauty.

Important note to consider: ornamental grasses are not suitable for areas of high foot traffic or where children or pets play. Use our Amenity Grass Seed for these areas.

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