Ordering and Installation Advice for Turf

Ordering and planning your turf to ensure the best results

Important – Turf is a living organism.  We harvest no more than 24 hours before we deliver to you to ensure the turf is in the best possible condition for laying.  For best results, it should be laid as soon as possible after delivery.  We strongly recommend laying immediately.

We advise that you plan your delivery accordingly bearing in mind your availability to install the turf.  During the Covid-19 Crisis our deliveries must remain flexible.  Please enter your preferred date and am or pm slot in line with the current availability we show during the ordering process.  If we can deliver before the selected date we will contact you to check if suitable.   Please note that the availability dates must remain flexible.

Once you install your turf it is vitally important you follow these steps.


Lawn turf is a perishable product and requires a substantial amount of watering. Drench your new lawn immediately after it has been laid, then a light watering at least twice a day (except on days of decent rainfall) for two weeks, this will ensure that the turf establishes a new root system quickly and stays healthy.

Make sure the water penetrates right through the turf and into the prepared surface below.


Your new lawn will be soft underfoot for the first 10 days after being laid. It is vital that you avoid walking on the turf without the use of boards during this time period otherwise impressions of your footprints will be left in the lawn.

Once the grass has rooted in, it will then be safe to walk on. A good indication of this is when it is physically difficult to pull the turf up from the ground.


Once your lawn has established the new root system it is safe to mow. When mowing it is important that no more than 30% of the leaf area is cut off at one time:

For example, if the grass height is 10cm, then you should mow it down to a height of 7cm.

During periods of rapid growth (May-September) grass can be mown 2-3 times a week.

Grass clippings make a good ‘green fertilizer’ however they should be removed occasionally to avoid a ‘thatch’ build-up.


Light feeding during the summer, every 4-6 weeks, will keep your lawn healthy and reduce the risk of disease. If you have any questions or queries, contact us by email or through our Facebook page.


Please note that any issues or complaints relating to the product or work done must be lodged with us within 7 DAYS as we have no control over how it is looked after and maintained once it has left our premises/after installation.

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