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Are seed heads affecting the lawn?

  Are your clients’ lawns appearing “fuzzy” as summer emerges? Are you noticing scattered patches of seed heads in their otherwise healthy grass? If you answered affirmatively to these queries, it’s likely that seed heads are sprouting within the lawn. … Continue reading

New Grass Is Best

As you start to prepare your clients’ gardens for the lovely summer garden party months – how is their grass looking? Have they asked that you ‘repair’ it or is it best to start new patches from scratch? New grass … Continue reading

What is the Best Seed for an Ornamental Lawn?

There’s an art to sculpting a stunning landscape that captivates the eye. It begins with the finest ornamental grass seeds, the foundation of any luxurious lawn that’s designed to impress and endure. Ideal for businesses, golf courses, landscapers and homeowners … Continue reading

Top 4 reasons why real grass is best!

You are likely to be getting busy by now with clients calling you to get their gardens summer ready.  A huge part of creating great outdoor spaces will be ensuring the lawns are looking luscious. Maybe their lawns suffered in … Continue reading

How Long Does a Lawn Fertiliser Take to Work?

A verdant, vibrant lawn is the cornerstone of a beautiful home exterior, providing an inviting space for relaxation and play. Achieving that lush greenery, however, is much more than a simple matter of watering and mowing; it requires a well-nourished … Continue reading

3 top reasons you need a landscaper for your garden projects

Spring is a season of new beginnings and growth, making it the perfect time to tackle any spring gardening projects you may have been putting off over the more dormant winter months. However, taking on these projects on your own … Continue reading