Standard Lawn Turf

From: £2.95 / price per m2

Product Description

A high quality turf for a healthy, green and hard wearing lawn. Grown to TGA (Turfgrass Growers Association) standards. Used by professional landscapers, this turf is perfect for your garden. Grown on light sandy soil on the banks of Loch Leven, these turf rolls are light and easy to lay.

Turf rolls measure 600mm wide and 1.65m long – total area 1m2. Seed mixture used in turf for general landscaping:

  • 30% Rye grass/70% Fescue


Dwarf perennial ryegrass, Slender creeping red fescue, Strong creeping red fescue and Chewings fescue.

Cultivars of the above species are chosen from the current STRI Turfgrass Seed booklet.

Turf specification Cutting height: The height of the sward when harvested will not exceed 35mm. Thickness of thatch or fibre: The thickness of uncompressed thatch will be between 5 and 15mm. Thickness of soil: The soil layer beneath the thatch will be between 5 and 15mm deep.


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