Why Bark is important for great gardens.

Mulch – a small investment that will pay your garden a rich dividend

Autumn heralds not only shorter days but also the return of lower temperatures. There’s also the imminent potential of overnight frosts. But a simple step at this time of year can protect your plants, suppress weeds and help sustain the finite nutrients in your garden’s soil… put down a thin layer of bark and mulch – 50-100 mm is all that is required – and reap the benefit.

Bark as Mulch

Here are 5 reasons to invest the time and money now….

1) Protect plants

Bark or mulch acts as an insulator on flowerbeds, borders or pots, helping to protect plants against extreme shifts in temperature. Act early, before the soil temperature drops, and keep roots strong and healthy.

(Don’t forget to top up the mulch next spring to avoid excessive evaporation when the sunshine returns!)

Before buying, check the mulch you have in mind is suitable for the area you have in mind, as pH levels vary and some brands may not be suitable for plants in your garden.

2) Feed the soil

Left to its own devices, at this time of year nature lays its own mulch, with a thin layer of leaves from trees and this organic matter improves the structure of the soil and boosts plant health. In fact, in areas of heavy shade, mulching throughout the year will enhance your soil’s fertility.

3) Keep the weeds down

As annuals die off weeds can start to dominate attention, so another benefit of mulching is that it allows less light and oxygen to reach a weed, suppressing their rate of growth.

4) Looks good in the garden

The colour of natural bark and mulches improves the look of any garden, especially along paths and walkways.

5) Reduces flooding and soil erosion

Autumn brings increasing rain for most of us, and mulches help reduce the flow of water and it decreases soil erosion.

Whatever reason is that drives for your decision to mulch, do remember to check that the brands you choose are free from chemical contaminants, and always protect our wider environment by choosing sustainable products that are responsibly sourced.

Happy gardening.


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